Ctex Mobile Infrastructure Use Cases

Given its easily customizable character, Ctex's mobile-centric infrastructure for issuing tokens and creating communities around them has a wide range of potential applications.

Companies and other organizations can use either Ctex Studio or Ctex Studio in conjunction with a customized version of Ctex Wallet to create tokens to be used by users onboarded either to their proprietary app or a fork of Ctex Wallet. They can also whitelist businesses for the token community ecosystem and activate fiat on-ramps.

In what follows, we would like to provide a few already implemented token community use cases for illustration.

A Stable Currency for a Local Economy

Community creators on Ctex Studio can either rely on a newly issued token or an already existing one. The Kolektivo project in Curaçao uses the popular DAI stablecoin to issue the CuraDAI stable currency pegged to the Antillean Guilder.

CuraDAI is the token of a community and mobile app of the same name. The goal of the token is to facilitate the production and trading of locally produced goods and rewarding community members for engagement.

The CuraDAI projects illustrates the low cost of creating and managing token communities and payment systems on Ctex.

A Customer Rewards Token and Food Delivery app

The PeeplEat project in Liverpool, UK, deploys Ctex to develop a mobile app for food delivery.

The PEEPL token is designed to incentivize customer loyalty. With every order made through the PeeplEat app, customers automatically receive a reward in PEEPL tokens.

The key advantages of using Ctex technology for powering customer rewards are automation and transparency. Rewards are automatically distributed based on the actual transactions and their amounts, and users can verify the amounts and total supply of the rewards token to ensure that it is not being inflated over time.

A Festival Payments Token

In November 2020, Bitazza used Ctex Studio to issue the MYST payments token on Ctex for the Mystic Valley Festival in Thailand. They also forked Ctex Wallet to create a customized mobile app for the festival.

The app and token seamlessly powered the more than 15 thousand transactions made by attendees during the 3-day event.

Ctex's mobile infrastructure can help event organizers reduce costs of managing internal payments and significantly improve the customer experience by replacing legacy solutions such as physical payment tokens or refillable cards at low cost.

A Solution for Streamlining Charitable Donations

The Communitaria project (formerly, Wikibank) has benefited from the Ctex B2B technology to solve an important problem in the charity industry. It launched a token backed one-to-one by the donated funds that can only be spent by the beneficiaries using the project's mobile app. The tokens can only be used for payment at the participating shops selling fresh produce.

This has allowed Communitaria to reassure the donors that the funds they provide can only be used for the stated goal: enabling the beneficiaries to buy fresh food. Other NGOs and charitable projects can also target their donations better and more transparently by using the Ctex technology.

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