Ctex Assembly

Ctex Assembly is a governance body formed from particularly active members of the Ctex community. Its formation is the first step in transitioning full governance and ownership over the Ctex platform to the community.

Currently, Ctex Assembly consists of five Ctex ecosystem members independent from Ctex Foundation who have shown consistent dedication and commitment to the project, and already have a voice within the community.

Ctex Assembly's current role includes the following:

  • taking over the control over the Ctex Forum community discussion platform;

  • implementing the Snapshot voting mechanism on Ctex; and

  • managing the Community Token Pool.

Community Token Pool

Ctex Assembly's budget will be initially constituted by the Community Token Pool. Each month, 200,000 CTEX will be allocated to it from the Ctex Bootstrap Pool (discussed here).

Ctex Assembly will regularly distribute the Community Token Pool funds to finance grants, bounties, marketing, and other initiatives designed to serve communities building on the platform and drive innovation.

Current Assembly members

1. Rob Brown, PhD

Council Chairman

Rob is a software developer and business operations expert with over 20 years of experience. He runs Fuseprime, an independent organization that was one of the first validators on Ctex, and has been heavily involved in Ctex community management and strategic project development since 2019.

2. Luc Lammers

Council Member, Business & Marketing

Luc **** is a business development expert, SaaS leader, and startup enthusiast. He has been a committed member of the Ctex ecosystem since mid-2020 and brings a depth of growth-oriented experience to the team.

3. Lucas @ Ctex Core

Council Member, Business & Finance

Lucas is a financial expert and bank-less enthusiast with over 16 years of experience in financial management and consulting. Lucas joined the Ctex ecosystem in late 2020 and runs a validator. He brings an extra dimension to the development and presentation of Ctex in the business community.

4. Bertrand Juglas

Council Member, Technology

Bertrand brings over twenty years of open-source engineering and DevOps experience to the team, having worked extensively with Linux and other leading technologies. He was originally introduced to Ctex whilst working on the GoodDollar project where he remains a leading voice and prominent community member.

5. Jan Owiesniak

Council Member, Business & Technology

Jan has over 10 years of business and software development experience and currently serves as CTO and co-founder of an Augmented Reality platform designed to drive customer loyalty and boost sales. Having joined the Ctex ecosystem more recently in 2021, Jan has shown an enormous amount of commitment, providing support and feedback across the various different technologies that we are building.

6. Maor Stamati

Council Member

Maor is a software developer, a long-time active participant of the Ctex community and a co-founder of Flambu.

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